Don’t Keep Yourself in Suspense

You’ll be cozy in your home after a diagnostic check in Amarillo, TX

Are you experiencing issues with your HVAC system? Don’t keep the problems a mystery—get a full diagnostic check from Protech 806 Heating and Air in Amarillo, TX. We conduct a 16-point inspection to pinpoint the problem. Once we locate the issue, we’ll be able to repair your system with confidence.

End the suspense of your broken air conditioning or heat today by reaching out to us for a consultation. We’ll have your HVAC system back to normal in no time.

Here’s how to know when you should get a diagnostic check

You shouldn’t wait too long to get an inspection if you’ve noticed issues with your HVAC system. Minor issues can quickly compound if left unaddressed.

The experts at Protech 806 Heating and Air suggest you get a diagnostic check, especially if your HVAC has shown any of these five common warning signs:

  • It takes longer than normal to heat or cool your space.
  • The air conditioning or heat cuts out at random times.
  • Your HVAC system sounds like it’s always running.
  • You’ve noticed odd sounds or smells when your system turns on.
  • Your energy bill is increasing each month.

Contact us immediately if you’ve noticed any of these signs. Protech 806 Heating and Air will run a diagnostic check on your HVAC system today.